Our Warranty

Basic Body Warranty from Reliance Auto Body & Paint.

1. Metalwork: Provided is a Limited Warranty, from effective finished date, all framework and metalwork, including welds, or any materials used in metal collision repair, are warranted against cracking, deterioration, flaking, or splitting. Rust repairs excluded.

2. Mechanical Work: Mechanical work provided carries a 90 day limited warranty on all mechanical work performed based on the original work order.

3. Paint: We use top notch paint materials only and warranty them against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing and loss of color. Inquire with us for more info.

4. Parts: We provided limited warranty on new parts purchased, aftermarket or OEM, with the original manufacturer. We warranty our installation as well. There are no warranty for used parts or parts provided by the customer.

5. Replacement: If there is a problem with your repair and if our repair does not meet these warranties listed above, feel free to file a claim with us by contacting us or dropping by our office. We will gladly take a look at the damages and reassess the repair order to meet industry standards.  We will not be liable for damages caused by user fault or damages and wear caused intentionally.

6. Customers must have the original work order and a paid invoice with them when filing a claim regarding warranty work. Please keep all paperwork in a safe place.  Please contact us for more info.

Warranty is void if additional work was done by another party to the part you are requesting a repair on. Warranty is also void for clients that perform intentional damage to the item of question.